What is Copie France?

Since 1985, when blank media (CD, DVD...) or equipment serving to copy music and images (digital audio players, USB memories sticks...) are purchased, part of the price of these media remunerates creators, publishers, performers and producers.
What is remunerated by private copying?

75% of the sums collected are directly paid to the creators, publishers and producers of the works copied, thereby contributing to the process of creation.

25% of the sums collected contribute to funding cultural initiatives and support festivals and theatres, or help young creators... In all, over 5,000 projects were funded in 2011.

Thus, the public participates directly in funding a large number of cultural events in a great diversity of genres and repertoires. The private copy levy funds festivals, both large and small, as well as theatre, concerts, street entertainment or puppet shows, art exhibitions, opera, rap, visual arts, multimedia creators, short films, creative documentaries, news reports, scriptwriting and circus arts... to suit all tastes, all ages, all over France

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